Crêpes Sans Frontières

Restaurant & Bistro

Soirées Tapas @csf

"Thoughtful Flavor Combinations on Mini-Crêpes"

 french savory crepes served best with French wine or Brittany cider. Tapas, Wines, Charcuterie & Cheese Plates, Bruschetta, Toasts

Every Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 6pm

French crepes at Crepes Sans Frontieres

in Downtown Los Angeles' beautiful Spring Arcade Building.

Bistro nights, Wine Bar with French Wines, Champain and Ciders, charcuterie,

Tapas, Mini-crêpes, Happy Hours

Proud to Serve Crepes in

Downtown Los Angeles' Historic Core

Crêpes Sans Frontières, where a French culinary creation becomes a crêpe or Tapas you will never forget!  From savory to sweet combinations and with a touch of culinary creativity the possibilities are endless. We specialize in 100% Organic buckwheat crêpes (galettes). Galettes are healthy and gluten-free.  Take a look at our menus and visit our creperie in Downtown's Spring Arcade Building.   We have been doing catering for 13 years, serving movie studios, corporate and private events.  Contact us for more information about the creperie our catering.