La brunchée - $11.00

Fresh sliced seasonal fruit bowl - $6.50

Add vanilla whipped cream ($+0.50)

Bagel grillé - $3.00

Plain or everything toasted bagel with cream cheese or salted butter

Bagel Egg Sandwich - $9.50

Scrambled egg , jack cheese , sliced tomato and choice of ham or bacon on a toasted bagel

Smoked Salmon Plate - $15.00

2oz. wild-caught Atlantic smoked salmon, everything bagel, caper berries, sliced red onion, tomato , lemon , cream cheese




Grilled cheese Sandwiches

French style


Croque Monsieur - $8.50

Bread with swiss cheese , ham and Béchamel sauce

Croque Madame - $10.00

Bread with swiss cheese, ham and Béchamel topped with a fried egg

2 eggs, crêpe + real mapple syrup, 

bacon and an orange slice



Avocado toast with egss - $8.00

Toasted ciabatta bread and fresh avocado , topped with a scrambled egg , add smoked salmon (+$3)

​served with side salad

Avocado toast - $6.00

Ciabatta bread toasted with olive oil , covered with fresh avocado, salt and pepper, add smoked salmon (+$3)

Salad maison - $8.25

Organic mixed greens, tomato and fresh basil tossed in an herbed Dijon vinaigrette topped with shaved parmesan

Salad sans frontieres - $10.50

​(Mixed greens or spinach)

Any four ingredients : Apple , mushrooms, tomato, avocado (+$1.5) , strawberries, caramelized onions, dill, basil, Emmental, Parmesan, Monterrey Jack, Mozarella, Feta

Add proteins : ​Ham (+$1.5) , organic chicken (+$2.5), bacon (+$1.5) , smoked salmon (+$3)