The best dessert  in Downtown Los Angeles

Sweet Crêpes

LA BRETONNE: Salted butter, sugar

La Bretonne is the traditional sweet crepe of Brittany, composed of a simple but effective mix of butter and sugar, melting together and perfectly bringing out the taste inherent in the crepe.

LA SICILIENNE: Lemon and sugar

La sicilienne, combining the underused flavors of sugar and lemon onto a warm crepe, is simplistic, but a sure choice fit for all palettes.

L'ARGENTINE:Apple, caramel, vanilla ice cream

L’Argentine provides a mix of sweeter flavors, the warm apple slightly melting the vanilla  and caramel and making a familiar delicious blend, all packaged into a sweet crepe.

LA SUISSE: Pear, chocolate, vanilla ice cream

La Suisse, not unlike L’Argentine, provides a different twist on some familiar flavors, with the ripe pear and chocolate blending well together and giving a nice backdrop to both complement the crepe and showcase the flavor of the vanilla ice cream.

LA COLOMBIENNE:Banana, Nutella

With two classic yet powerful tastes such as banana and the rich chocolatey flavor of slightly warm Nutella on a sweet crepe, La Colombienne is a favorite of customers and always a steady choice.

LA CALIFORNIENNE: Strawberry, Nutella

A combination that has existed since the beginning of time, and with good reason, La Californienne combines the classic Strawberry and Nutella mix in a thin sugared crepe.

LA CANADIENNE: Red berries, whip cream

La Canadienne, containing a melange of various red berries is balanced by the sweet airiness of the homemade whipped-cream, tastefully adding a unique taste to the inherent flavor of the crepe.

LA MARTINIQUAISE: Banana, coconut, Coconut, banana, hot chocolate & homemade whipped cream

Life at its best, a taste of sunny beaches lined by palms topped with coconuts and bananas along with the unique taste of our homemade whipped cream.

LA PROVENCALE: Honey, lemon, lavender blossom

With a mix of organic honey, freshly squeezed lemon and lavender blossom, La Provencale provides a sweet, indescribable flavor, giving a deliciously unique twist to the crepe.

LA GRAND-MARNIER: Oranges, Grand-Marnier flambé

Using the ages old technique of flambé, La Grand-Marnier gives the sophistication of Grand-Marnier combined with slightly softened oranges that have been caramelized just a touch, all perfectly balanced in an airy crepe.

LA BRESILIENNEAcai fruit sorbet, banana, strawberries and homemade whipped cream

A refreshing mix of completely unique flavors, the Acai lends a full-bodied taste to the crepe, making a delicious cocktail of a crepe with the banana and strawberries and a dollop of homemade whipped cream to bring it all together.

Ice cream dessert

LES ALPES: Fresh Strawberries topped with vanilla whipped cream

LE MONT EREBUS (...the 2nd tallest volcano in Antarctica): espresso poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream