Crêpes Sans Frontières, where a French culinary creation becomes a crepe you will never forget! The variety of unique ingredient combinations makes crepes the most versatile dish for any occasion. From savory to sweet combinations and with a touch of culinary creativity the possibilities are endless. Don’t be overwhelmed! We’ve created basic menus with classic delicious combinations. Take a look, let your brain wander with ideas and come visit us.

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Gluten Free Organic 100% Buckwheat crepes (Galettes)!

That is what Crêpes Sans Frontières is all about: healthy and tasty. Galettes are savory crêpes based on buckwheat flour.  Buckwheat is not wheat…  It is a fruit seed related to rhubarb. It is very healthy and gluten free.  It is low in calories and known to promote a healthy cardiovascular system. Diets that contain buckwheat have been linked to lowered risk of developing high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Buckwheat's beneficial effects are due in part to its rich supply of flavonoids, particularly rutin. Flavonoids are phytonutrients that protect against disease by extending the action of vitamin C and acting as antioxidants. Buckwheat also rich in magnesium which relaxes blood vessels, improving blood flow and nutrient delivery while lowering blood pressure— the perfect combination for a healthy cardiovascular system.

The galettes are one or the oldest traditions of humanity. In Brittany, they were cooked on flat stones called "jalet" from which the name "galette" originated. Buckwheat was brought to Western Europe by the crusaders. The Bretons adopted it immediately. This grain had the particularity to grow very quickly and to adapt to infertile soils. More importantly, since this flour was not proper for baking bread, the king of France did not tax it. The galettes became, for centuries, the basic meal of the Bretons.

Dessert Crepes

Our sweet crepes are made of our home-made blend of organic whole wheat flours.  The filling range from the classic freshly pressed lemon and powdered sugar crepe (La Sicilienne) to the more complex and modern Bresilienne filled with Acai fruits, bananas, strawberries and home-made whipped cream.  Of course we also serve the amazing banana and Nutella crepe for the sweet tooth, a World-wide favorite. Our Nutella is imported from Italy.

The desert crêpes, to contrast, required luxury products, like sugar, butter, and wheat flour. This is why the first crêpes recipes came from Paris.  These recipes were later adopted by the Bretons and enhanced with the flavors brought back to Brittany by their sailors: Vanilla, Orange flowers, Rum and Cinnamon.

Ionized alkaline water by Kangen Water®

Ionized alkaline water is an excellent source of healthful hydration because not only does it taste better with a superior mouth-feel, it is more readily absorbed by the body. Water is the universal solvent that our bodies rely on for flushing toxins and waste products to detox the body. With its negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP) and great taste, you can count on ionized alkaline water such as Kangen Water® to aid in the neutralization of free radicals and address all of your body’s hydration needs.

Ionized alkaline water supports the wellness of bodily organs while promoting the health of those same organs. Part of the reason for these benefits is that ionized alkaline water has been demonstrated to be an anti-oxidant free radical scavenger.  Scientifically recognized benefits of water include the support of wellness and longevity. And the natural benefits of water are encouraged and enhanced by alkalinity.

Kangen Water®  means “return to origin” in Japanese.  This is the name given to water filtered through Enagic® ’s filtering machine.  Enagic®  is a Japanese company  that have earned a “medical device” rating from Japan’s Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labour. Kangen Water®  is created through carbon filters and electrolysis.  Here the alkalinity is increased by virtue of electrical action as opposed to chemical and mineral additives contained is bottled water bought at the store.


The acai berry is an inch-long reddish, purple fruit. It comes from the acai palm tree (Euterpe oleracea), native to Central and South America.  A powerful antioxidant and super food with omega fatty acids, dietary fiber and phytosterols, supporting the immune system. Acai contains several substances called anthocyanins and flavonoids.

webmd says “Acai contains several substances called anthocyanins and flavonoids.

The word anthocyanin comes from two Greek words meaning “plant” and “blue.” Anthocyanins are responsible for the red, purple, and blue hues in many fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Foods that are richest in anthocyanins -- such as blueberries, red grapes, red wine, and acai -- are very strongly colored, ranging from deep purple to black. Anthocyanins and flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that help defend the body against life's stressors. They also play a role in the body's cell protection system. Free radicals are harmful byproducts produced by the body. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants may interfere with aging and the disease process by neutralizing free radicals. By lessening the destructive power of free radicals, antioxidants may help reduce the risk of some diseases, such as heart disease and cancer.”

Crêpes Sans Frontières uses products from Acai Roots. Acai Roots products always contain 100% organic Brazilian acai, harvested in the rainforest using sustainable methods.

Wild Caught Smoked Salmon

French Chef Michel Blanchet has for the past decade produced his widely acclaimed and highly honored smoked fish. Michel Blanchet is a member of Societe des Cuisiniers de Paris; The Philanthropic Club of New York; The Vattel Club in New York; and the French Culinary Club of Los Angeles (President for 3 years).  The smoked salmon is smoked at warm temperature for several hours using hickory wood chips, right here Downtown Los Angeles.

Buy it by itself, or with our CSF Chilled Scandinave Crêpe Appetizer kit, which is made to order depending on the number of people that you wish to feed. It comes with Michel Cordon Bleu Smoked Salmon, mini buckwheat crêpes, crème fraîche, and fresh dill for you to assemble right before your guests arrive, or right before you sit down for a quite evening at home.  It makes a wonderful healthy snack.  Please allow 24/48 hours advance notice.  Stop by, call us or email your order.

LaVazza Coffee

LaVazza is Italy’s favorite coffee. Buongiorno America!                                                            

From the late 1800s to today, LaVazza have been committed to achieving excellence in the production of coffee. Today Lavazza is the symbol of Italian coffee around the world, a global icon representing the authentic Italian experience.

Luigi Lavazza is born to a family of farmers in Murisengo in April 1859. His father dreams of a better life for him and provides him with a sound education and passion for research that will prove to be fundamental.  He founds LaVazza in 1895. All goods for sale are produced or processed directly at the Lavazza shop: soap, spirits, oil, spices and, of course, coffee.  By 1900, Lavazza has six employees and works as a wholesaler outside the customs border. Curiosity and studies in chemistry lead Luigi to learn more about the product that fascinates him most: coffee.  

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